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Short definition

A bracera or brazzera is a traditional Adriatic coastal cargo sailing vessel originated in Dalmatia and first recorded in the 16th-century chronicles. Along with its larger sisters - trabakuls and peligs, braceras formed the backbone of the commercial fleet on the Adriatic Sea with one masted one being the most prominent and best known. This solid and very mobile boat with wide hips and blunt bow was particularly suitable for commerce and communication between the many islands of the Adriatic as well as neighboring coasts. 

Some argue that the name "bracera" and its other local variants such as "bracijera", "brazzera" or "Brasero" is derived from the fact that these boats were often driven by the oar, that is by the power of hands (Italian: "Forza di braccia"). However, it thus seems more logical that the name "bracera", historically recorded first as "brazzera", originates from the word "Brazza", the historic name of the central Dalmatian island of Brač, widely recognized as the place of birth of this type of vessel.
Gostilje was built 1911.

...wooden boat Gostilje