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Kornati · Suha Punta · Telascica

Remarkable sightseeing route

About Kornati & Telascica

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National park Kornati include a group of 141 islands and reefs. It has an exceptional natural and aesthetic value. This national park is an anthem to its nature and an ode to the people of this region who inhabitated this earthly paradise for centuries. Generations of farmers, herders and fishermen who put great effort into this land is now visible in dry stone walls, rare pieces of fertile land and modest stone dwellings. Due to its amazing surroundings, interesting geomorphology, delicate coastline and rich marine ecosystem, most of the Kornati islands were declared a national park in 1980. Famous Kornati 'crowns' (cliffs) facing an open sea, characterize most of the outer islands in seaward which makes them unique to this area. High cliffs are actually limestone and sedimentary rocks that show bizarre shapes formed by the atmosphere. Process of corrosion, erosion and abrasion gave an extra touch to this enormous surface that at some places cliffs descend vertically over 90 meters deep into the sea (island crowns are Piškera and Rašip). The highest crown in Kornati is at Klobučar island and it is 82 m above sea level while the longest one is at Mana island (1350 m).




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Kornati · Suha Punta · Telascia

About the trip

Time for an insanely fantastic sea adventure! Gostilje, our charming,wooden boat will take you on a spectacular cruise to the most remarkable destinations we've carefully selected especially for you. Here's a real gem and our biggest pride from the tours offered - a cruise to the National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telascica with a lunch at a Robinson-style settlement on a Kornat island! Feast your eyes with our remarkable sightseeing route - look out for dolphins!


from Zadar

12:00 - 13:30


Telašćica Bay

14:00 - 15:30

Suha Punta


estimated time

The tour starts at 9:00 from Zadar - click link to the map.
Dobro jutro! Welcome on the ship! Let us spoil you with some delicious local Rakija and ham&cheese sandwiches for breakfast, whilst our tour guide entertains you with fascinating stories about the magnificent sights of the tour.

Now it’s time for you to explore the island on your own! Make sure to go to the stunning view point of magnificent cliffs steep above the sea! Visiting the salty lake called “Mir” in the middle of the island is a must! Take a picturesque walk around the lake or go for a swim either in the sea or lake! 

Suha Punta is bay on Kornat island. There is no ferry, no water, no electricity. You will see how Robinson Crusoe place looks like. Now it's time for enjoying the mouth-watering grilled meat and fish, salad, all washed down with heavenly croatian wine!

The adventure is finished! We hope you enjoy your day and hope to see you again! Hvala! Doviđenja!

Important information

  • PRICE: 340 HRK = 45 EUR per person
    children under 5 years – free
    children from 5 to 12 years – 50 %

    (included: tour guide, tickets, breakfast,
    lunch, drinks, insurance and VAT)

  • DEPARTURE: boat Gostilje leaves from Zadar, meeting point next to the bridge
    GPS Coordinates 44.116240, 15.228428

13:30 - 14:00

panoramic sail

All hands on deck! Admire the scenic views of the National Park Kornati and Suha Punta bay where our next stop is.

15:30 - 17:30
sailing back

Perfect time for a refreshing summer snack - juicy watermelon will help you to stay hydrated.

We recommend to take with you:

  • camera
  • sunglasses 
  • swimsuit, Aqua shoes, towel
  • swimming goggles 
  • sun hat
  • sunscreen
  • good mood 

Nature Park Telašćica is nearby. Name itself probably comes from Latin 'tre lagus' which means three lakes. Lake Mir (Peace) is situated at southwest and lies in a narrow cut of land between Telašćica bay and the open sea. The outside of Telašćica bay is made of vertical cliffs and it is the most outstanding cliff of the Adriatic coast. Cliff stretches from cape Mrzlovic to southwest all the way to Veli vrh slope at the southeast reaching 161 m high Grpašćak. Deepest depth is 85m. This area has extraordinary vegetation and it is rich in flora and fauna. Sea is populated with different corals including endangered red corals. Dolphins can be watched from the rocks.





 from Zadar